"They are so special, they stand on their own as beautiful works of art. If the artwork indicates the quality of the film, then we'll have a smash hit."
   David Hess - Horror Icon, Grammy Award winning songwriter, actor, musician... appearances include The Last House On The Left, The House On The Edge Of The Park, Hitch-Hike, Body Count and Smash Cut.

"A fantastic graphic site, showing the skills and art of an artist to whom I owe the best illustrations for my past and recent work."
   Giovanni Lombardo Radice (aka John Morghen) - Horror icon, actor, dancer, writer, appearances include City Of The Living Dead, Cannibal Apocalypse, Cannibal Ferox, Stage Fright, The Church and Gangs Of New York.

"Silver Ferox Design is a proven, high-quality design service. All hail the mighty Silver Ferox!"
   Jim VanBebber - Director, actor, writer, one-man assault team - features include Deadbeat At Dawn, The Manson Family plus videos for Necrophagia and Skinny Puppy.

"I wish I had met Silver Ferox at the time I was making my movies - I would certainly have asked him to conceptualize and create all my posters! His work is gorgeous and more intriguing than the originals... which gives me yet another reason to try and make a third movie!"
   Corrado Farina - Novelist, screenwriter and director of several features including Baba Yaga.

"Silver Ferox is a remarkably talented visual artist whose eloquent and imaginative renderings are compelling and powerful. You can't go wrong with him."
   Harry Bromley Davenport - Director, writer, composer on the cult classic sci-fi horror Xtro, director/producer on various titles including Life Among The Cannibals, Smile Pretty and Frozen Kiss.

"Silver Ferox film design works are things of real beauty, they rock my world and are like a breath of fresh air compared to the samey, generic film posters I'm always seeing. It's great to work with someone who takes so much pride and attention to detail in his work and also someone happy to make changes and compromises to please his clients. He managed to capture the exact feel I was after with his stunning designs which compliment the look and feel of INBRED perfectly. I would definitely work with him again."
   Alex Chandon - Writer, producer and director - features include Inbred, Cradle of Fear and Pervirella.

"Versatile, energetic eye for capturing the grittiness of the bygone era of exploitation film/video posters. After having 3 commissioned pieces of work, all I can say is... Amazing!"
   Darren Ward - Writer, producer and director of Sudden Fury and A Day Of Violence.

"I've been impressed with the quality of the submissions for the Empire magazine contest in general. This one is especially cool."
   Kim Newman - Award winning novelist, Film critic, Journalist.

"A great professional! Silver Ferox Design creates pure art with a guarantee of originality. With few elements to work with, he succeeds in creating fantastic poster designs that allow the spectator to embrace the content of the film, short or documentary. We are happy to find ourselves here amongst the many jobs realized by Silver Ferox."
   Davide Della Nina - Filmmaker, writer, actor BDProduzioni.it, Dario Argento Tour Locations, Torino, Italy.

"Silver Ferox conceptualizes the perfect way to get under your skin. His promotional imagery is often better than what the studios were releasing back in the day!"
   Mike Baronas - Creator of Paura Productions, producer of numerous video documentaries on Italian horror and agent for cult Italian horror stars.

"Some of Silver Ferox's poster creations for the classic exploitation and horror films he's tackled are even better than the original one-sheets that initially promoted the films. I certainly can't think of too many graphic designers I'd say that about."
   Robin Bougie - Comic book artist, freelance writer, and self publisher of Cinema Sewer, Sleazy Slice, The Ex-Revenge Project, The John Project, as well as over 40 other publications.

"I haven't seen satisfying poster art and design for years. Jeremy not only learned the craft of poster design, he brought it to a more intellectual level in conveying the theme of the film while simultaneously entertaining you with the graphic design layout - an event in itself. I love viewing his art!!!"
   Robert Marcucci - Production designer on Street Trash.

"After collecting original movie paper for almost half my life and being familiar with the original poster designs for so long, Jeremy's work is a great opportunity to discover what the advertising campaigns for some of my favorite movies could have looked like if the distributors had a different approach towards marketing these movies back then. Even if I am in love with most of the old designs, I have to admit that in some cases I wish Silver Ferox and his art had been around 40 years ago."
   Thorsten Benzel - Creepy Images magazine.

"Silver Ferox's poster designs offer a cult classic sensibility with a contemporary edge - an ideal combination for today's horror market."
   Posteroid - Original cult movie paper from Japan.

"Cool and cutting edge - Silver Ferox's designs are a must for any serious film fan."
   David Edwards - UK Daily Mirror newspaper Film Editor, critic, writer and journalist.